Want to Help Spread GradeBoost On Your Campus?

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring innovation to the tutoring industry and make tutors easily accessible to all college students.

How it Works

GradeBoost is a website and mobile application that serves as a platform for students to connect for on-demand and in-person peer tutoring. The app will allow students who have excelled in a course to advertise themselves and make money as a tutor, and will give students who are struggling in a course an easy way to find a tutor in a time of need.

What We Are Looking For

The culture of GradeBoost is our number one priority. We will do whatever it takes to make sure it is the best because we truly believe it is the best! We are looking for students who share our values and ideologies, and are excited to grow this company. Each ambassador is unique, and we feel that bringing diverse ideas and perspectives to the team is what will make GradeBoost great. Our generation has an appetite for instant gratification and simplicity that GradeBoost is here to take care of. We are looking for people who think this is as cool as we do!

Contact Us

If you have questions about our campus program or want to learn more about GradeBoost, please contact us at mygradeboost@gmail.com .We'd love to talk!