1. ) Q: Who can use GradeBoost?
      A: GradeBoost was created by college students for college students.

  2. ) Q: Do I have to attend ex:"The University of Alabama" to tutor students at ex:"The University of Alabama"?
      A: YES, Courses vary from school to school so we believe requiring this provides the best experience.

  3. ) Q: Do I have to meet in person to tutor?
      A: NO, you can setup a googlehangout or other video platform to hold the session from.

  4. ) Q:Are the tutors real people?
      A: YES, All GradeBoost tutors are verified .edu students and ready to help you ASAP!

  5. ) Q: Is GradeBoost safe?
      A: YES, Once the lesson is completed GradeBoost disconnects the student from the tutor. Please note as a matter of privacy, we do not collect or share student data.

  6. ) Q: How much does it cost?
      A: A one hour GradeBoost session is $23.50

  7. ) Q: Can I get a subscription?
      A: NOT YET! This feature is coming soon though!

  8. ) Q: How do I remove myself as a tutor or change other account information
      A: Just email us at mygradeboost@gmail.com or text us at +1 (256)-200-1704 and we will take care of this for you!

  9. ) Q: What if I have a question/comment about one of my sessions?
      A: You can rate your experience after your session on the student home page. If you’re not happy, we’ll refund you. If you have any other questions or concerns you can always email us at mygradeboost@gmail.com or call/text +1 (256) 200-1704.

  10. ) Q: How do I become a tutor if I registered as a student?
      A: Just email us at mygradeboost@gmail.com and we will change this for you!

  11. ) Q: What can I sign up to tutor in?
      A: You can register to tutor for any class that you have taken OR are currently taking at your university that you have recieved a B+ or higher in.

  12. ) Q:How do I message my tutor?
      A:You will see an option to message your tutor in the student appointment tab. Each message you send will send your tutor an email notification.

  13. ) Q:What is easy book?
      A:Easy book is a more on-demand way to find a tutor. The student requests a class and date, and the request is sent out to all tutors verified for that course. The finer details such as time and place will be worked out once a student and tutor are matched.

  14. ) Q:How does easy book work?
    1. Student submits request with a class and the date they need a tutor by.
    2. Request is sent to all tutors verified for that course.
    3. Tutors who have availability in the required time period will be able to accept request.
    4. Student will confirm appointment and can begin using GradeBoost messaging to decide on a time and place
    5. *Note to tutors: Students may receive multiple acceptances from tutors, but can only confirm one! Make sure you respond ASAP for the best chance of getting the instant book session!

  15. ) Q: I got a session request notification sent to my email, but I do not see the session in my pending appointments ?
      A: With easy book, multiple tutors can accept an easy book request. Once the student confirms an appointment with one of the tutors it will delete itself from all other tutor’s accounts.

  16. ) Q:I have already confirmed my tutoring session. How do I cancel?
      A:Students and tutors can cancel their tutoring sessions by pressing the cancel appointment button under your confirmed appointment. You can view our cancellation policy under the payment policy tab on the home page.